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Auction: 180 +/- Acres Rooks County, Kansas

Friday, April 9, 2021 7:00pm

Auction flyer for Auction: 180 +/- Acres Rooks County, Kansas

Auction:180 Acres More or Less Rooks County, Kansas

For: VL Trust

Date: April 9, 2021
Time: 2:00 P.M.
Auction Location: Community Center, Damar, Kansas

Land Location:
Tract 1:
NW Corner of Damar, KS, the intersection of R Road and 2 Road is the NE Corner of Tract 1

Tract 2: From the corner of Highway 18 and 2 Road, ½ Mile North to Q Road, then ¾ mile East to the SW Corner of Tract 2.

Tract 1
Legal Description:
Approximately 100 acres of Cultivation in the Northeast Quarter (NE/4) of Section Thirty-One (31), Township Eight (8) South, Range Twenty (20) West of the 6th P.M. Rooks County, Kansas.

(Exact legal description & survey to be provided day of sale)

F.S.A. Information:
99.52 Acres Cultivation (planted to wheat)

General Info
The soil on this tract consists of Harney and Wakeen Silt loam. The property is adjacent to the city of Damar.

Tract 2
Legal Description:
The East Half of the Southeast Quarter (E/2 of SE/4) of Section Twenty (20), Township Eight (8) South, Range Twenty (20) West of the 6th P.M., Rooks County, Kansas.

F.S.A. Information:
76.76 Acres Cultivation (to be planted to corn)

General Info
The soils on the property are primarily Wakeen & Harney Silty loams with 1 to 3 % Slopes.

Seller to pay first half of 2020 and prior taxes. Purchaser to pay second half of 2021 and future taxes.
2020 taxes were: Tract 1: $965.52, Tract 2: $477.96

Government Programs:
Purchaser to stay in compliance with all US Government programs the property is currently enrolled in. Government payments to follow current F.S.A. guidelines.

Base Acres              PLC Yield               Program

Wheat- 53.76               35 bu.                      PLC
G. S.- 17.43                 68 bu.                      PLC
Corn-23.16                  73 bu.                      PLC
Oats-2.94                     38 bu.                      PLC
Soybeans- 8.02            31 bu.                      PLC


Base Acres               PLC Yield              Program

Wheat- 31.74                35 bu.                     PLC
G. S.- 10.29                  68 bu.                      PLC
Corn- 13.67                  73 bu.                      PLC
Oats-2.94                      38 bu.                      PLC
Soybeans-8.02              31 bu.                      PLC

All Seller’s Interest to be conveyed to Purchaser. There are prior Mineral Reservations on Tract 2.

10% down day of sale, balance to be paid upon title approval and delivery of deed, said closing to be on or before May 10th, 2021 or as soon as title requirements, if any, can be corrected. Due to circumstances beyond Farmland Auction & Realty Co. Inc.’s control, concerning the Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19), all parties will agree to automatically extend the contract closing date until all title requirements can be met and closing documents and/or financial commitments can be arranged. Every effort will be made to honor said original closing date set forth in this contract. Sale is not contingent on purchaser obtaining financing. Financing, if necessary, needs to be approved prior to the auction.  The seller agrees to convey said property by a good and sufficient Deed to the purchaser, subject to easements, restrictions, roads, right-of-ways, leases, reservations and county zoning regulations of record.  Said deed shall be delivered to the purchaser at the time of settlement. Seller(s) to furnish title insurance showing merchantable title in Seller. Tract 2 is being sold by U.S. Government survey. If the Purchaser feels an additional survey is needed, the cost shall be the responsibility of the Purchaser.

Tract 1:
Possession will be after the 2021 wheat harvest.
Tract 2: Possession will be after the 2021 corn harvest.

Agency Disclosure:
Farmland Auction & Realty Co., Inc. is the agent of the seller. If the purchaser desires representation, legal counsel is advised. Announcements made day of sale shall take precedence over printed material

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